Mount Washington Olympic Peninsula

Mount Washington was my first hike on the Olympic Peninsula. It was my first attempt to bag an Olympic peak that turned out unsuccessful. It’s always a bummer to miss the peak but blooming mountain flowers are a welcome sight. I was hoping to do some berry picking seeing how it’s peak season but nothing I saw was ready.

This trail goes from steep to steeper. At parts you don’t even notice because you’re to busy looking for hand and foot holds or where the trail goes up next. I got lost a few times. I got to a part where I was surrounded by forest and no trail in sight. I damn near walked off a sheer cliff.

And then there was the scree fields which are not my favorite and this one happened to be one the worst one I had encountered. On the way up it was one step forward two steps backwards. On the way down I slid and fell several times and really got a beating from this part of the trail.

At this point I was out in the open as the temperature immediately dropped and rock pinnacles could occasionally be seen in the dense clouds. It really started to surround me and it became really hard to see where the trail ended up or even where I was coming from. I knew I was the last one on the mountain and decided that it was probably best to attempt this peak again. I turned back and headed down.

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