Deception Pass

I set out on a brisk autumn Saturday morning for a two hour drive north to another world where life moves at a decidedly slower pace. When I set out I had my sights on Deception Pass State Park. This is the most popular state park in the state of Washington and for very good reasons.

I arrived at Deception Pass three hours before I could check into my cabin. There were a few places that I had in mind like Lottie Point, Bowman Bay, Rosario Beach and Lighthouse Point. I had to see them all and I did. But It just wasn’t enough so after I checked into my place and got some pizza from Joe’s Wood Fired Pizza in Langley, I had to go back to catch the sunset.

The trails in this state park are all rated as either easy or moderate. Most are a leisurely stroll that offer everything you’d want in a hike, water, cliffs, forest, the ever present sound of wave’s crashing, beautiful bay’s. This hike also included a pregnant mother seal.

The one hiccup was when I managed to get off trail and at one point was met with a bay and an impenetrable wall of stone that meant I had to scramble back from where I descended. I didn’t check my map and decided on a path that wasn’t quite as loved as the other path I saw and my initial hesitation proved correct.

The Digs

The Olympic View Cabin comes across as an eclectic choice at first but it was quite pleasant. The property offers a shower, a bathroom and WiFi but the room itself had no amenities. There was no power or water. I thought it was perfect. I had arrived just after 2 PM. I walk into the office but no one is around. I call the number but no answers. The same happens when I send a text message. I start to wander the property. There’s an almost eerie vibe in the silence. This isn’t anything against the farm. This is from the mind of a man who lives with the constant hustle and bustle of the city life. Rarely do I encounter such solitude outside of the forest.

There were residents living on this farm and I could see their vehicles but the emailed directions said that I could go straight to the cabin. There were also text instructions that said the cabin was confirmed. I go to #1 and it’s full of fridges. Now I’m really confused so I try the next building over. It’s empty save for some plywood. The text said it’s the Navajo colored one. Has anyone ever described a color as Navajo? Where’s a color chart when you need one?

Sunday Morning

I awoke early but with no intention of doing so. I was toasty in my zero degree sleeping bag but the cabin itself had a chill in the air. I lounged around for a bit and stared out the window. Slowly I came to life. I casually packed my things while taking in the early morning quiet. I wandered the farm while the roosters squawked. My eyes had that early morning squint as I noticed the ice on my windshield. A frosty morning settles on my shoulders easier with the glint of sunshine on my back and the realization that I woke up on an island.

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