Snow Lake

Summer has been like an old friend that you haven’t seen in years and forgot how much joy and happiness they bring you. I’ve been basking in that sunshine as much as possible and that means getting out during the week instead of limiting adventuring to weekends. It doesn’t get dark until after 9 PM and that brings out so many possibilities! It’s short lived here in the Northwest and I’m going to ride out these memories when the days darken and we all go inside to wait for our friend to visit again in the Spring.

I tend to steer clear of trails that are within 60 miles of Seattle because the crowds take away from what I’m seeking: solitude. Who doesn’t want hike to lake and pretend it’s all theirs for the taking? But today I was itching to get some miles under my feet and I landed at Snow Lake because of it’s proximity to my location and the time frame I had. I’ve been aware of this lake for a long time but I’ve strayed away because there are much less crowded trails to explore on a weekend. But mid week and within 60 miles of where I was sitting at my desk and only a few remaining light hours left in the day warmed me right up to this spot.

I can’t help but wonder about the trail I’m on during the different seasons. Fall and Winter bring out a different type of splendor but that doesn’t mean less fun or opportunity. It just means a different strategy. I’ve been thinking about this all year and I’ve got a full line up for fall, such as Maple Loop Pass, where I’ll be bringing a bucket and collect berries trail side. I’m extremely excited to see the fall colors and eat freely here in a couple months. But I’m getting ahead of myself, this is Summer and I’m on the mountain lake vibe. A berry or two would have been nice on this trail but I was cooking and booking up and down the trail.

All in all this was such an incredible spot to visit during the week. There’s a hike for every occasion. I didn’t have Cookie this time around but I thought about her and if she knew where I was without her getting her peak and lake views, well she just may be upset with me. She doesn’t know it yet but her weekend is booked and her excitement level when she reaches that trailhead is going to be through the roof. I’ll be back in just a few days to deliver yet another report from the wilderness. Happy trekking!

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