Hi, I’m Shane.

It was May of 2019 when I asked a couple friends to join me on a hike that I had chosen while buying socks at REI. I had mentioned to the lady helping me where I intended to go and she was surprised by my choice. May in Washington almost always means there will be snow on the trail. I wasn’t really prepared to negotiate snow so I asked for her opinion. It was after this conversation that I found myself on the Carbon Glacier trail minus one friend who bailed.

This was the first trail that I had been on and completed in years. In my early 20’s I had completed a 12 mile backpacking trip and that was huge for me. But this ended up being a 20 mile day hike that took us 9 hours. It was from this jump off point that I felt enlightened and invigorated. I felt sore for days but the positive effect on my mind has propelled me to get out almost every single weekend since that day. I hiked to the top of Mt. St Helens solo, I completed the 10 Peak Challenge and I’ve continued exploring ever since.

I’ve been in the Wonderful Pacific Northwest for twenty years and I’ve been exploring since the first day I got here. I’ll always remember first driving into Oregon when I was a kid and being immediately drawn into the scenery and the natural world on constant display. I didn’t do a ton of hiking when I was younger although I did do a few backpacking trips and hiked the popular trails in the Columbia river gorge, a mecca for nature lovers from all over the world that was right in my backyard.

I am starting to retrace the thousands of miles that I’ve driven in the Northwest and finding the trails that happened to be off roads that I’ve driven time and time again. I didn’t intend to blog when I started hiking. I didn’t know all the great and wonderful things I’d see, the people I’d meet, the relationships that I’d build. I have hiking to thank for expanding my world and reigniting my zest for life and I’m excited to share it with all of you!

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