Columbia River Gorge

Eager to get a jump on the weekend I decided to drive 175 miles south after work and sleep in my car in a parking lot right in the middle of the freeway along I-84. Looming In the shadows above was Multnomah Falls, one of Oregon's most popular destinations. It was with that thought in... Continue Reading →

Tubal Cain Trail #840

It was shortly after 7 AM on a Monday and I was already antsy for the next adventure. I was slowly slinking back to reality after an incredible weekend spent at Deception Pass. I checked the weather to see what the week held. The skies were sunny and welcoming and I had to see if... Continue Reading →

Deception Pass

I set out on a brisk autumn Saturday morning for a two hour drive north to another world where life moves at a decidedly slower pace. When I set out I had my sights on Deception Pass State Park. This is the most popular state park in the state of Washington and for very good... Continue Reading →

Failure and Success in the Mountains

“Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.” —William Congreve My birthday is on October 10th and this year it fell on a Thursday. The forecast was calling for completely clear skies and relative warm temperatures for a fall that has thus... Continue Reading →

Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Along the northern coast in Washington state lies a long and remote stretch of beautiful coast known as Shi Shi Beach. A hike that cannot be overstated as it's easily my favorite place to be in the natural world. The views are otherworldly. The sounds of the waves continuously crashing is enticing. I... Continue Reading →

Orcas Island

Mt. Constitution the highest point in the San Juan Islands. To round off the week of outdoor adventure I headed north to the San Juan Islands. I am constantly reminding myself just how incredible it is that I live near so many amazing natural wonders. And sometimes that can create havoc when attempting to hammer... Continue Reading →

Big Four Ice Cave

After completing Lake Twenty-Two I continued onto the Mountain Loop Highway to see what other adventure awaits. That's when I arrived at the Big Four. I had originally heard about the Big Four Ice Cave on the news when someone died inside the cave back in 2015. It is not the first time mother nature... Continue Reading →

Lake Twenty-Two

The surreal is real. It's the beginning of fall and I realize I had requested a week off to walk to Portland. I decided to put that goal on hold to immerse myself in an epic solo outdoor adventure. That's how I ended up on the Mountain Loop Highway on a Monday in autumn. I... Continue Reading →

RattleSnake Ledge

It was time for something a little different and that's when Jenny suggested an evening hike at RattleSnake Ledge, during the week. I don't normally hike at night, go on dating hikes or hike on hump day. I remember mentioning that this was my first night hike but than I remembered that my younger brother... Continue Reading →

A Long Scenic Drive

North Cascades Highway This is a hiking blog first and foremost but sometimes I decide to take a long drive instead. The last few weeks have brought uncertainty in my work life. As much as I use hiking as an escape from day to day life, I've struggled in the past few weeks with getting... Continue Reading →

Mount Washington Olympic Peninsula

Mount Washington was my first hike on the Olympic Peninsula. It was my first attempt to bag an Olympic peak that turned out unsuccessful. It's always a bummer to miss the peak but blooming mountain flowers are a welcome sight. I was hoping to do some berry picking seeing how it's peak season but nothing... Continue Reading →

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