Granite Mountain

The first time I hiked Granite Mountain it was with Felix. It was a few years ago and by his suggestion. We did the hike in early spring when snow was plentiful and white out conditions were waiting for us up top. We didn't know this though because we hadn't done a lick of research... Continue Reading →

Kendall Katwalk

Kendall Katwalk is one of those hikes where the higher in elevation I got, the less I could see. As I broke out of the trees and entered the Talus fields, immediately I was hit with strong gust of wind and clouds enveloping all around me. There were a few quick glimpses of Red Mountain... Continue Reading →

Carbon Glacier Spring 2019

The carbon glacier was not my intention for the very first hike of the season. The hike Eric, Andrew and I had discussed was Mowich Lake to Mystic Lake, a 23 mile journey around Mt. Rainier National Park. This was in the middle of may and little did I know the snow was a ways... Continue Reading →

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